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    Gather Where the Wild Things Are

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    Orion and Alectris

    Orion came tearing through the night — Alnilam bright upon its back and Bellatrix glistening on its shoulder.


    The huntress lifted her chin towards the celestial beast. "I didn't think you'd come."


    "Why wouldn't I? You are my darkness and I your light. Now let us wake the stars and chase the dusts to where the past years are."



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    • Bellatrix (shoulder)
    • Betelgeuse (shoulder)
    • Alnitak (flank)
    • Mintaka (flank)
    • Alnilam (back)
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    The Red Compass

    "What if I follow my heart to where all adventures lie?"


    "Oh, then you'll be marked for life."

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    Moon Child

    Born a lion.

    Raised a human.

    Now I run with the wolves.

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    Heart of the Ocean

    She found the key, to the stone cold heart of the sea.

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    Wild Child

    The pack. The pride. The human tribe.

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    The Windward Way

    "Less fairy tales." She hoisted the sails, watching them grew pregnant with wind. "More adventures."

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    There and Back Again

    The sound of cool mornings and serene days; of clear skies and rolling plains. 

    - Tribute to Tolkien. 

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    Follow the Moon

    You were made to traverse the Seven Seas. To learn the songs of old; and taste the light of stars upon your lips.


    Don't ask the moon where it's going. Follow it.

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